A Palette of Mission

Aly Rose '23 gives back to Immaculate Conception- the parish, the school and the Haitian counterpart.

There is pride… and then there is Saints Pride. The latter emerges in student initiatives such as those by Alyson Rose ‘23.

Of her many talents, Aly enjoys drawing and painting. She recently donated her beautiful painting of Immaculate Conception Church to her elementary school, Immaculate Conception School in Newburport, as a token of her gratitude for her nine years of education there.

However, Aly has gone one step further and converted her painting to note cards. These will be sold with the intention to redirect 100% of the profits to assist Fr. Marc Piche of Immaculate Conception School in Haiti.

Thank you, Aly, for dipping into our STA Catholic mission so deeply and painting your beautiful brush of color upon our world. Saints Pride!