Over the Top

Student races through obstacle course.
HHOO participant races through the course and against the clock.


We’re sending a shout-out to our St. Thomas Aquinas High School Cross-Country Team for its quick planning and execution of an “over-the-top” fundraiser.  

Yesterday, STA Cross-Country team members, coaches and families facilitated “Helping Houston Overcome Obstacles” (or “HHOO) with the sole intention of raising funds to donate to STA’s partner school in Houston, St. Pius X.  Earlier this year, after the destructive Hurricane Harvey swept through and caused extensive damage, St. Thomas Aquinas chose to partner with St. Pius X with its signature “Saints Taking Action” style. Since then, there have been several events and initiatives designed to benefit the St. Pius school community. This latest one had us beaming with pride at our cross-country runners.

Their Sunday afternoon was spent helping participants navigate through a well-designed obstacle course topped off with a delicious potluck dinner.  Participants were asked to pay a small fee for each course attempt and an additional fee ($10.00) for a delicious potluck supper, generously provided by team parents. This collective team effort brought in over $700 for our St. Pius X friends and served as community event that warmed and nourished attendees from the inside out.

Thank you, STA Cross-Country Team!  #saintspride