Opening a Window on the World

Girls hold up signs in different languages
Saints are learning a whole new way of expressing themselves.


Did you know the Great Wall of China is visible from space?  How proficient are you at Vietnamese trivia?   Can you recite the Hail Mary prayer in Spanish?  This week is World Heritage Week at St. Thomas Aquinas High School and, consequently, our community is having a world of fun. 

In partnership with STA’s World Language Program, UTP High Schools (our international student program) has created games, activities, and trivia to get everyone in the community thinking about global diversity and treasures.  “We want to show that culture is alive at STA,” said Amelia Perri, UTP Center Manager. “We have students from all over the world represented at St. Thomas Aquinas and it is fun to share their heritage and culture with the entire STA community.”

Promoting inclusion and raising cultural awareness is the mission of World Heritage Week and it is fair to say that that mission is being accomplished.  Each morning begins with a pursuit of trivia for a designated country and then is followed at Break with a fun-filled activity. (Yesterday, there was a chopstick competition; today, students/faculty/staff will learn a Latin dance!)  After school, the hands-on learning continues and today the community will be able to sample cuisine from five different countries in STA’s version of Epcot Center.

Learning about the world beyond the United States is not just relegated to textbooks and lesson plans. Experiencing the wonderful diversity of different countries through languages, flavors, colors and facts is how our STA students can open a window on the world and see beyond 197 Dover Point Rd.