Onward and Upward


Like the Class of 2021, the Class of 2020 also recognized each other’s accomplishments and achievements yesterday morning during the annual Grade 10 Prayer Service and Awards Assembly. For two years, this class has dominated the STA hallways (first the 2nd floor, then the 4th floor) but now they’re heading straight to the bottom- the bottom floor, that is. Their grit and perseverance have landed them in a wonderful place, also known as the entryway to 11th grade.

Junior year is, in many ways, the most significant. As Upperclassmen, the members of the Class of 2020 will start thinking (really thinking) about their future. They will be learning about the college application process and will consider the sort of studies and environment they’d like to pursue after high school (Large college or small? Close to home or far away? A liberal arts or an engineering school?) The choices ahead of these Saints are many but STA’s Guidance Department, faculty and mentors are eager to guide and assist as needed.

Yesterday, the Class of 2020 paused and reflected on all that has happened over the course of this 2017-18 school year. They applauded one another’s accomplishments and bowed their heads in a prayer of gratitude. We look forward to watching this special group of Saints return next fall with their continued enthusiasm for learning and their contagious school spirit.  


Perfect Attendance- Morgan Atwell, Diego Garcia, Iggy Garcia, Garrett King, Jake McGuire, Noel Ouellette, Caleigh Patterson, Joey Perfilio, Emily Tazbir

Perfect Attendance both Freshman and Sophomore Years- Louisa Bauer, Max Delisle, Nick Guerin, Owen Himmer, Austin Phan

Honor Roll (Every Quarter for Two Years)- Morgan Atwell, Louisa Bauer, Muriel Bennett, Nick Bryan, Mady Buchalski, Henry De Tolla, Max Delisle, Katia Gaffney, Diego Garcia, Anna Gasper, Nick Genkinger, Chloe Groww, Nick Guerin, Robert Gyurcsan, Owen Himmer, Raegan Holzhuter, Garrett King, McKenzie LaFlamme-Howe, Hunter Lassard, Gabbie MacNeil, Kevin Moynihan, Chani Parrott, Caleigh Patterson, Cristina Perez, Joey Perfilio, Austin Phan, Jared Pudlo, Yana Quel, Liam Reardon, Max Reich, Kelly Sullivan, Emily Tazbir, Brendan Tersolo, Michaela Thompson, Fran Toracinta, Sarah Walsh, Isabelle Young

Dover Knights of Columbus Scholarship Award- Jake Ford

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Camp (HOBY)- Jozef Platt

Rotary International Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)- Chloe Gross

Le Grand Concours National French Exam- Gerardo Viana Torre, French 2, Silver Medal

National Latin Exam- Mady Buchalski, Latin 2, Maxima Cum Laude

National Spanish Exam- Jake Ford, Spanish 2, Silver Placement; Max Delisle, Spanish 4, Bronze Placement

All-State Music Fesitval Award- Michaela Thompson, All-State Orchestra

Jack Leary Awards (Recognizes students who have earned three Varsity Letters in a single academic year)- Morgan Atwell, Matt Barnes, Mady Buchalski, Molly Connor, Owen Himmer, Will MacLean, Jackson Manness, Jake McGuire, Ryan Pottier, Maddie Predaris

Club Awards
Music Ministry- Grace Moore
Jazz Choir- Chloe Gross
Jazz Band- Noel Ouelette
Drama Club- Nick Winter
Art Club- Olivia Fennessy
French Club- Robert Gyurcsan
Math Team- Owen Himmer
Model UN- Christina Perez
Environmental Club- Carly Schalitz, Nicole Wettstein
Robotics- Erik Sigurdsson (First in First Award)
Student Ambassadors- Kelly Sullivan, Max Reich
Sophomore Class- Nick Winter
Talking with Students in Ghana- Caleigh Patterson
Yearbook- Helena Entrican and Isabelle Liberti

Departmental Awards
Theology- Gerardo Viana Torre
English-  Michaela Thompson
Math- Henry DeTolla
Biology- Fran Toracinta
Environmental Science- Katia Gaffney
Chemistry- Hunter Lassard
Social Studies- Max Reich
French- Michaela Thompson
Latin- Mady Buchalski
Spanish- Yana Quel
Art- Olivia Fennessy
Band- Robert Gyurcsan
Chorus- Gabbie MacNeil
Technology- James Liu, Emily Tazbir