One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Post-it notes on a bulletin board
The Class of 2018 extends their gratitude to faculty.


As the 2017-18 school year winds to a close, the Class of 2018 recently stopped to reflect on where the past four years have gone. They gathered in retreat last Friday, May 18 and joined one another in considering their journey- past, present and future- as Saints.

With Campus Minister Brian Harrison facilitating, STA faculty, staff, students and an alumnus addressed the Class of 2018 and challenged them to focus on where they’ve been, where they are now, and where they are headed before they process out of their Commencement ceremony in two weeks time.

Part of their day entailed writing notes of appreciation and gratitude to the faculty who have escorted them along their high school journey. With time not an obstacle, the seniors wrote hundreds of notes to their teachers, who have also served as mentors and friends. They also intentionally offered advice to the Class of 2022 (“Enjoy the experience!”, “We’re rooting for you!”, “Don’t be afraid of change!” “Be courageous!”). Their words of wisdom will be incorporated into STA’s Freshman Jumpstart activities in August. 

As the seniors finish out their classes this week, they are predictably itchy with Senioritis. But, also predictably, they are continuing to act like Saints- ever considerate of their journey through our hallways and mindful that these are the days to remember...