Oh, What a Day

Two female students posing
Adding two new fresh faces to STA's legacy.


With their freshly ironed oxfords and pressed colorful dresses, our incoming St. Thomas Aquinas Freshmen looked every bit the part of fresh. It isn’t easy to start a new school in a new place with new expectations. However, the Class of 2021 has hit the ground running and already seems to be making great strides into their high school journey. 

A long-standing tradition at St. Thomas Aquinas is to greet each student curbside on the first day of school.  From the very get-go, STA wants students to know that they are welcomed, safe, and cared for by faculty and staff.  Shortly after this initial greeting, faculty and staff “officially” welcome the freshmen by forming a human pathway in the gym through which freshmen walk to energetic applause. For it is the students of St. Thomas Aquinas who make 197 Dover Point Road more than just a building, a facility; they make the brick and mortar a school. It is for these very young people that our mission exists.

After traveling through these rituals and then a typical (albeit much shortened) class day, freshmen enjoyed lunch together and then headed outside for well-deserved time to relax. STA alumni band “Black Agnes” provided music while our UTP partners treated all students to various forms of entertainment- photo booth, ice cream truck, badminton, corn hole, and more.

Some things never get old and the first day with St. Thomas Aquinas freshmen is one of them. Today was a special day where we could give the Class of 2021 our full attention and explicit care. Tomorrow, the journey continues as our remaining “children” come back home again. And, as any parent knows, we are filled with eager anticipation and heartfelt joy.