NH Bar Assoc. Places STA Art Students on Retainer

Congratulations, STA Artists!


Last fall, the NH Bar Association’s Law-Related Education Coordinator contacted St. Thomas Aquinas’ art department.  Our Saints were asked to illustrate the Law-Related Education “Beyond High School” booklet.  Students were given an index of titles from which they could choose 2-3 topics to illustrate in black and white.

Using these topics as a launch pad for deeper discussion, art teacher Mrs. Paula Maskwa facilitated discussions with her students on various information and responsibilities that apply to young adults, topics such as voting in elections, holding public office, applying for credit, buying a car, contractual obligations, jury duty, employment and wages, etc.  Such conversations integrated an art lesson into a much larger discussion about life issues and responsibilities.  Once again, STA’s mission is reflected by not just educating students in the lesson at hand but by preparing them for life.

Congratulations to these Saints for having their work selected and portrayed in this NH Bar Association booklet!