National Honor Society

 “I pledge myself always to seek the light of truth, to hold scholarly habits, to engage in worthwhile service, to lead forward in all things that shall advance the welfare of my school and my community.”

-National Honor Society Pledge

As with so many other things, COVID-19 interrupted the scheduled induction of our Bishop Primeau National Honor Society members last year. However, last Wednesday evening, the special event was held in the STA gym and was a wonderful tribute to our inspirational young men and women.

After an inviting welcome and opening comments by National Honor Society Moderator Ron Holtz and President Dan S. Soller respectively, our community participated in a candle lighting prayer ceremony. National Honor Society members are upheld as models of Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. As such, our NHS Inductees listened to various members of the St. Thomas Aquinas community address them with these four main virtues in mind.

Mrs. Kate Collins, English Department Chair, spoke to the point of Character and how striving for goodness is the surest way to obtaining a peaceful soul. “I believe in goodness,” she remarked. “But I also know that I live in a world that is full of dishonesty, where people value their own interests over others, where dishonesty is celebrated as ‘shrewdness’ or ‘good for business’, and compassion for others is ridiculed as weakness. So how does one maintain character in such a world? My answer is this: inside your heart, and then little by little, person by person. You cannot change the world all at once, and you cannot change others unless you are showing in your life that a person can try to be pure and true and good.”

Moving to Scholarship, English teacher Ms. Mary Pate reminded the Inductees, “You have sat in many seats throughout your high school career. And through it all, the movement of your hand has shown that your mind has been continually engaged. You have persevered through in-school learning and virtual learning. Through it all, you have each shined. Writer Rosalyn Eves describes a scholar as someone who ‘walks around… [with] a lantern glowing inside’ of oneself. What better way to describe an STA scholar? You are a light in darkness.”

“Leadership is the constant, tireless pursuit of truth- the “capital T” big truth, but also our own individual truth of making the most of our talents and abilities. It’s about self-actualization,” said Dr. Danny Richer when he addressed our Saints on the topic of Leadership. “Part of leadership is making decisions- good decisions, and this is where the Jesuits come in; when the individual knows what to do- the mind- and also wants to do- the heart- what is right. Not what is necessarily convenient or easy, but what is right. What is just. What is Veritas.”

Rounding out the evening’s comments were remarks by Director of Ministry and Campus Life, Mr. Keith Adams, who spoke to the importance of Service. “Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others’. I truly believe that it is in service to others that we are best able to learn about ourselves and to use the gifts that God has given us to make the lives of others easier and better.”

We are very proud of these students’ possession and demonstration of these four main virtues. We hope they continue to reflect on them as they move forward throughout the remainder of their high school career and beyond.

Saints Pride!

New Members

Ryan Abbott

Kate Albertelli

Thomas Allen

Sara Anderson

Jenna Bancroft

Linsey Barney

Ethan Berg

Chandler Blaisdell

Olivia Bolduc

Michaela Bosco

Marcus Broom

Genevieve Brousseau

Liliana Buono

Ellora Chapin

Ava Coffey

Margaret Mary Cove Hamel

Joseph Cummins

Thomas DePalo

Simran Dillip

Olivia Duprat

Tiegan Eisenhauer

Aidan Elsemiller

Kyle Ferland

Maxwell Ford

Mya Ford

Samuel Franson

Sophia Gross

Christian Gyurcsan

Taig Healy

Delaney Hodsdon

Peter Hyatt

Enya Kaonga

Grace Kennedy

Alexandra Knox

Jack Lacouture

Emma Lane

Tyler Leedberg

Joseph Luchsinger

Evan Mailhot

Hannah McLoughlin

Lauren Michaels

Sophie Nadeau

Lina Nering

Rory Perretti

Colin Rage

Megan Reich

Margaret Reisch

Ashleyrose Saffie

Cassandra Scoff

Jack Simas

Vincent Simonelli

Caroline Snyder

Rebecca Spear

Liam Sullivan

Abigail Thornton

Connor Toriello

Grace Verde

William Wade

Francesca Williams

William Wood Jr.

Juliana Woodard

Emily Wright