National Comic Book Day!

Today is National Comic Book Day and, as such, we're re-posting an article we presented last year on Ron Fortier.

Ron is one of our St. Thomas Aquinas "Pioneers"- a member of St. Thomas Aquinas' first ever class in 1960. Ron's journey after graduating from St. Thomas Aquinas is one marked by adventure, imagination and creativity of which we are very proud.

Saints Pride!

Ron Fortier

I was born in Somersworth NH in 1946 and attended St. Martin's grammar school then went on to STA as part of its first ever class in 1960, graduating in 1964.  I had Sister Raymunda for English three out of my four years. She recognized my love of writing and encouraged it always.

After graduation, I worked in a local shop for about a year. In 1965, I joined the Army spending the first two years of my enlistment in California and the last in Vietnam. I returned to civilian life in 1968 and went to UNH where I spent two years. Disillusioned with academic life, I left, married and had a family: three boys and two girls.  To support them, I went to work for the GE plant in Somersworth and was there for 31 years.

All the while I worked at the factory, I began writing comic scripts and submitting them to various publishers. In the late 1970s, several of my scripts were accepted and my professional writing career was launched.  During this period of time, I returned to night school via The University of Southern New Hampshire and earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

By my last decade at GE, I was writing several comic series for different well-known publishers.  It was during this time that I wrote a three act play called WHERE LOVE TAKES YOU, which tells the true story of how my parents met and fell in love during World War II.  It was first produced by the Sanford Maine Stage Company.

After retiring from GE nearly 14 years ago, I began writing more prose, from short stories and novels in the new burgeoning field of what is called New Pulp.  Along with professional graphic artist Rob Davis, we began a publishing outfit called Airship 27 Productions devoted to this genre and to date have over 200 titles in our catalog and available from Amazon.

Ten years ago, my wife and I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado and I eventually began teaching at a local community college for their Adult Continuing Education Dept. (“How to Write Comics & Graphic”) at the Front Range Community College.  Over the years, many of my family and colleagues urged me to write my memoirs and I recently authored, “My Life in Comics (A Memoir)” (available at

Official Biography of Ron Fortier

RON FORTIER – Comics and pulps writer/editor best known for his work on the Green Hornet comic series and Terminator – Burning Earth with Alex Ross.  He won the Pulp Factory Award for Best Pulp Short Story of 2011 for “Vengeance Is Mine,” which appeared in Moonstone’s The Avenger – Justice Inc. and in 2012 for “The Ghoul,” from the anthology Monster Aces.  He was named Pulp Grand Master by the Pulp Factory group in 2017. He is the Managing Editor of Airship 27 Productions, a New Pulp Fiction publisher and writes the continuing adventures of both his own character, Brother Bones – the Undead Avenger and the classic pulp hero, Captain Hazzard – Champion of Justice.