Moving Home


Many people make adjustments to ensure that their child has a positive high school experience. But packing up family belongings, putting the house on the market, and moving to a new town takes this concept to a whole new level...


My husband and I specifically moved from Massachusetts to Dover, NH for St. Thomas Aquinas. When we started our school search, we were looking for a school that offered a small faith based atmosphere that we felt was lacking in the public school offerings near us. We actually were not planning to move to another state and took a tour here very late in the process since it was far from our current home. However, when we came for the tour here, we knew right away this was the place for our daughter.

Some of the reasons we picked this school among many were the travel opportunities and the community service efforts. Mackenzie has always loved to travel and has been very active in giving back. We felt this was going to slip by during her high school years and we wanted a school that would allow these things to flourish. After she was accepted, we decided to make this more than a new school for her but also a new adventure for the whole family.

The STA school community has welcomed us with open arms. Now that school has started and we are moved in, I would also like to add that I absolutely love the staff, the communication we receive as parents is top notch and Mackenzie loves to come to school every day! So glad we made the move.

STA is very blessed to count Mackenzie '23 and her parents (Scott and Amy) as family members in our STA Community. Thank you for joining us, Roy Family!