Moving Up!



We thank you, Lord, for this opportunity to gather today, and for the ability to attend school for most of the year, while others were robbed of the privilege.

We as freshmen, were new to the community, and we were welcomed. 

Thank you for lending us the ability to find new ways to work together and be creative this year. 

Thank you for the victories we have fulfilled, and the challenges we overcame to help us to grow. Through all of this, it seems as though the year is already over so fast.

Thank you for the laughs, the fun, and everything we have shared in between the six feet. 

As the distance shortens, we pray to become closer to you and to each other both physically and spiritually. 

We pray for the day that we can throw these masks off to further celebrate the miracles you have given us. 

Today, tomorrow, and in the coming school year, we will not settle for mediocrity, but we will use the gifts you have given us to succeed.

Lord, hear our prayer that we can continue to give back to the community that has given us so much.

Thank you for STA.


~Katelynn Houle '24


There is a remarkable transformation that occurs between the beginning of 9th grade and its conclusion. This is evidenced not only in photographs but by a noticeable change in maturity.  Our freshmen Saints have a year under their high school belts now and, with that experience, comes a readiness for new challenges, continued rigor and greater aspirations.

We are deeply proud of this freshman class for meeting unprecedented challenges with remarkable resilience.

Congratulations to the Class of 2024 on a successful first year at St. Thomas Aquinas High School! Saints Pride!

#saintspride #stalux #luxintenebris


Reflection by Alyona Latsilnik

Blessing of the Awards by Cade Murphy

Reflection by School Counselor Mary Rice

Closing Prayer offered by Liam Mathis




Honor Roll (First Three Quarters Freshman Year)

Sydney Andrews

Timothy Avery

Grace Belknap

Madison Bell

Alaina Bolduc

Samantha Bosco

Samantha Buiocchi

Lindsay Butkus

Carson Couperthwait

Charles Covert

Joseph Fiermonti

Ella Ford

Catherine Fuller

Camila Garcia

Juliana Grella

Katelynn Houle

Tucker Huskey

Heather Johnstone

Jackson Jones

Madeline Karsonovich

Alyona Latsilnik

Kloe MacKenzie

Madison McMahon

Cade Murphy

Isabella Parisi

Tanner Petalas

Gabriella Puertas

Katelyn Rice

Claire Riley

Kaitlynn Rodrigues

Grace Rohde

Nadia Rusnak

Asia Saffie

Naomi Scoff

Jack Smith

Connor St. George

Samantha Taylor

Audrey Verde

Margaret Wade

Ryan Whiting


National Spanish Exam

Spanish 1

Katelynn Houle, Bronze

Madeline Karsonovich, Bronze

Tanner Petalas, Bronze

Grace Belknap, Silver


Spanish 3 Honors

Alyona Latsilnik, Gold


Jack Leary Award

The Jack Leary Award recognizes the commitment of student-athletes who have earned three Varsity Letters in a single academic year. Their names will be engraved and added to the Jack Leary cumulative plaque.

Elizabeth Flynn: Soccer, Basketball, Softball

Juliana Grella: Soccer, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse

Alyona Latsilnik: Cross Country, Skiing, Track & Field

Owen Simas: Soccer, Skiing, Tennis

Ryan Whiting: Soccer Skiing, Tennis


Club Awards

Chamber Choir: Grace Belknap

RoboSaints: Andrew Tsouprakakis


Departmental Awards

Theology: Tanner Petalas

English: Cade Murphy

Algebra I: Kloe MacKenzie

Geometry: Audrey Verde

Bennett Math Award (The Bennett Award is named in honor of beloved, retired math teacher Mr. David Bennett. The award recognizes the extraordinary achievements of a freshman in an accelerated math class.): Alyona Latsilnik

Biology: Alyona Latsilnik

STEM: Katelynn Houle

Social Studies: Connor St. George

French: Audrey Verde

Spanish: Alyona Latsilnik

Art: Amanda Callahan

Band: Gabriella Puertas

Chorus: Grace Rohde