Meet Aidan Faulstich

Boys wakesurfing.
Aidan spends his summers perfecting his water sport skills.


Meet Aidan Faulstich: Student Advisory Board, Environmental Club, Soccer, Wakesurfing, Enjoys World History

Since opening its doors in 1960, St. Thomas Aquinas High School has served as a model of academic excellence and educational vision for New Hampshire’s Seacoast. Remaining true to its founders, the School Sisters of Notre Dame, this coeducational Catholic high school maintains a mission to challenge, support and transform young adults so that they are wholly prepared to lead a life enriched by intellectual discourse, spiritual reflection and human integrity. 

Over the course of several weeks, we will be presenting our 2017 Saint Profiles. These brief profiles allow the greater community to view a cross-section of our students- young adults who are varied in their interests, skills, talents and personalities. And all of whom represent our diverse student body- young men and women who are embraced and cherished at St. Thomas Aquinas High School as our living SaintsPride.

Some people leave a heavier wake than others based on their propulsion through life. Aidan Faulstich is just such a person. And whether he’s on the slopes or on the water, the colorful pattern that he carves with his many skills is one to be admired by all.

A brief glance at Aidan on the field and one quickly surmises that he is exceptionally good with his feet. As a member of the Seacoast United Premier soccer team as well as the St. Thomas Aquinas soccer team, Aidan spends a lot of time navigating a ball around other players and across soccer fields. His adeptness on the field translates into equal success on the slopes as he enjoys skiing on NH mountains during the winter. Unwilling to be bound by seasons, Aidan also spends springtime on the lacrosse team and his summer atop a lake in northern Michigan where his family enjoys a lake home. Waterskiing, wakeboarding and wakesurfing are three additional skills that Aidan has polished as part of his summer recreation.

Maintaining good balance is not only part of Aidan’s physical abilities, it is part of his overall personal philosophy as well. He is a member of the Student Advisory Board and helps represent STA often as a Student Ambassador.  He also participates as a member of the Environmental Club and has performed more than 50 hours of community service in various places around his hometown of Portsmouth.

Having attended Portsmouth Middle School, Aidan intentionally thought long and hard about high school.  “I loved how the atmosphere at St. Thomas Aquinas is very welcoming and helpful,” he says. “My other options for schools were Portsmouth High and St. John’s Preparatory School. Both of those schools are big and didn’t have the community that I wanted.”

Although he acknowledges his plans may change, Aidan currently considers one day becoming an architect. We know that no matter what his destined profession, he will continue to draw and design himself a very bright future.