Last Reach

Boy plays guitar on stage with lead guitarist of
Nick Turgeon '20 demonstrates his skill with lead guitarist of "All Time Low" band.

What did you do during summer vacation?

A timeless question among returning students, perhaps, but St. Thomas Aquinas students’ answers are never boring. As one of our talented musicians, sophomore Nick Turgeon spent a large part of his summer using his talent to shine a light in darkness.

 As a member of a student band called “Last Reach*", Nick worked all summer playing gigs at local venues throughout New England.  However, when he and his friends heard that their favorite band, “All Time Low”, was playing at the House of Blues Boston, they made sure they attended as active audience members. In preparation, Nick even crafted a sign that read, “It’s my dream to play guitar on stage with ‘All Time Low’.” Lo and behold, his dream came true.

Spotting the sign in the crowd, lead singer Alex Gaskarth pulled Nick on stage and together they sang the group’s encore song, Dear Maria. To his family, his friends and to all who know Nick, this was a genuine “once in a lifetime” highlight, one that provided an exciting (and probable) forshadowing of his future.

Congratulations, Mr. Gaskarth, on meeting one of the world’s finest musicians. We know that, someday, Nick himself will reach down and help another up on stage to realize his/her dream. Why? Because he is... a Saint. 


*Other members of Last Reach include Spencer Gregory ’19 and Kacie Grenon.