Kick Off

Two members of the boys soccer team.
Two members of the Saints soccer team prepare for a winning season.


Many students were having a ball this morning on the St. Thomas Aquinas High School soccer field. The Boys Soccer team held its first official practice today, followed by Girls Soccer, volleyball and cross-country. Football, having officially begun its season last week, resumes practice this afternoon with golf and field hockey swinging into high gear tomorrow.

There’s a special feeling in the air each year in mid-August. The grass looks a little greener, stands a little taller.  Without a doubt, the STA field transforms from being a plot of property to a field of dreams- a place where each student-athlete will be supported, challenged, and transformed in the sport of his/her choice. 

The athletic fields at St. Thomas Aquinas do not exist simply to host games and competitions; they serve as areas where stamina and strength are honed, where confidence and collaboration are nurtured and where Saints Pride comes to life. We are proud of each and every athlete and look forward to cheering them on from the sidelines this fall season.

Go Saints!