Junior Speeches 2021



Unlike previous years where STA juniors have stood before their peers in the gymnasium, this year’s Junior Speech Finalists delivered their final presentations electronically via Zoom.  One by one, the Finalists stood behind the podium and in front of the video camera as their speeches were transmitted to each classroom.  Their fellow Saints were treated to a variety of well-written, convincing arguments presented with inflection, eye contact, posture, and poise. Once again, Saints Pride took center stage as our community witnessed the art of fine persuasion at its best.

Congratulations to all of the juniors who pocketed their nerves and rose to the occasion of public speaking to honor this annual STA tradition. A special salute to the Top 10 Finalists (listed below) for spending so much time preparing, practicing, and polishing their performances. And an enthusiastic round of applause for the students who earned First, Second, and Third place as voted upon by the STA faculty, staff, and students.

Saints Pride! #saintspride #stalux #luxintenebris


2021 Junior Speech Finalists

Click on each name to watch that student’s speech.


Maggie Mae Cove: "The Orange Flame, The Orange Fire" (1st Place) 

Will Martino "The Legacy of MLK" (2nd Place)

Nate Burnett: “The Day the United States Almost Self-Destructed” (3rd Place)

Thomas Xavier Allen "The Charge of Chamberlain and the Preservation of the Union"

Mya Ford: “Richard Nixon and Mass Incarceration”

Hannah McLoughlin: “The Assassination of Patronage”

Sophia Gross: "Collapse of a Bridge, Rise of a Transport System”

Olivia Duprat: “Claremont School District v. Governor of NH”

Megan Reich: “The Overlooked Hero Who Changed History”