Ryan Storm exits his car and prepares to enter high school as a Saint!


Lack of sleep on "First Day of School Eve." "Freshman Day Jitters."  All of the "what ifs" that rent space in parents and students' heads.  STA Faculty and Staff are well acquainted with the twists and riddles that apprehension can play on the adolescent mind.  For this reason, St. Thomas Aquinas facilitates its annual Jumpstart Day for incoming freshmen.

Designed to foster new friendships among classmates and introduce new students to the expectations and campus layout, Jumpstart has proven to be an exceptional way to begin the journey of Sainthood. 

Yesterday, the Class of 2023 participated in a series of team building exercises organized and executed by Student Advisory Board members and upperclass volunteers. They received an overview of their advisories, their classes, their campus. Pausing before the onset of school to learn the ropes, incoming students were able to tuck their uneasiness into their backpockets and focus on all the wonderful things that lie ahead of them at St. Thomas Aquinas High School - new friendships, new challenges, new opportunities.

Welcome Home, Class of 2023. We are so very proud to call you... Saints.