The journey of a dollar, a person and the value of a "Friend."

"What drives me is one singular thing and nothing else: God."


Article by Principal Kevin Collins:

I first heard Mrs. Molly Wade speak publicly at Sunday Mass at the Parish of the Assumption several years ago.  She spoke about something called "Run for God," and she spoke with passion...and a smile.

Today at STA, as part of our series of TOM Talks, both that passion and that smile were still very much in evidence as she told over 450 rapt students and faculty about her "best friend" -- God.  But it was so much more than that.  It was a clarion call to the assembled STA family to remember their worth: no matter what kind of curve balls life throws at you, she said, you're still you and that "you" is valuable.

Early in life, Molly sensed a presence surrounding her.  It was clear and distinct (but not, she said, "creepy").  That presence has been with her from the time she was six or seven; it was with her in Minnesota, throughout college, while she was raising her family, and here at St. Thomas Aquinas. However, she never told anyone about that presence until today.  

As anyone who knows Mrs. Wade can attest, it was obvious that that presence was God because God's goodness shines through her each and every day.  More importantly, that presence became vital to her during the darkest hours of her life.  It lifted her up when she was at her lowest.

To demonstrate what impact that experience had for her, she told the tale of a dollar.  Wrinkle it up, stamp it with staples, unfriend it on social media, she told the's still worth a dollar.  The lesson is clear -- God wants each of us to know his or her value, and that He sees our worthiness even when we don't.

Those of us assembled in the gym were also treated to the value and specialness of Mrs. Wade.  She told us she sees God everywhere, and as anyone who follows STA on social media will agree, she sees that goodness here every day...she embraces it fully and shares our goodness with the world via her wonderful talent for writing.

Today, we finally got the opportunity to experience the goodness that is Mrs. Molly Wade and share it with the world.  

And we learned a lot about her "Friend" as well. He is good. All the time.

God bless her.