Heart to Heart

Three girls posing for photo on chairs.
Heather, Karen, and Christy all intend on pursuing nursing degrees.


Nothing shouts human kindness like donors lining up to give blood. With members of STA’s National Honor Society helping to facilitate, the annual Red Cross Blood Drive will occur tomorrow between 8:10-noon in the St. Thomas Aquinas gymnasium. 

Three of this year’s “medical staff” include seniors Heather Heim, Karen Daraoui, and Christy Thompson.  Heather and Karen are Licensed Nursing Assistants and Christy is an Emergency Medical Technician.  All three young women plan to pursue a degree in nursing at their respective (although still undecided) colleges next year.

As we celebrate all of our students who choose to give blood tomorrow, we highlight these three future nurses who seek to use their intellect and kindness to infuse the world with their light.  (Nurses, of course, are simply angels in disguise.)

Thank you to all the donors and volunteers who will help make this blood drive a success!



Facts about Blood Needs (redcrossblood.org)
Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood.

Approximately 36,000 units of red blood cells are needed every day in the U.S.

Nearly 7,000 units of platelets and 10,000 units of plasma are needed daily in the U.S.

Nearly 21 million blood components are transfused each year in the U.S.

The average red blood cell transfusion is approximately 3 pints.

The blood type most often requested by hospitals is type O.

The blood used in an emergency is already on the shelves before the event occurs.

It is estimated that sickle cell disease affects 90,000 to 100,000 people in the U.S. About 1,000 babies are born with the disease each year. Sickle cell patients can require frequent blood transfusions throughout their lives.

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 1.69 million people are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in 2017. Many of them will need blood, sometimes daily, during their chemotherapy treatment.

A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 pints of blood.