Happy Thanksgiving!


Dear St. Thomas Aquinas Community,

As we look to the Thanksgiving Holiday and the many traditions established from as long ago as the 1600s, let us remember to be thankful for all the many blessings in our lives and to thank God for those blessings.  All our challenges, even those of today’s pandemic, will pass for each and every one of us.

I am thankful for your faith in St. Thomas Aquinas High School and for your support.  Blessings that come to mind as I reflect on the year include:

1.      Terrific overall attendance this year reflects the students’ realization that STA is special place, a privilege to be part of, and an awareness that many of their peers have not physically attended a school, played a sport, or perhaps even seen their friends in almost a year. 

2.      STA gained “some fame” in our remote learning last spring, often cited for excellence in its planning and faculties.  This fall, we successfully pivoted to Aquinas 2020-21 to bring “in-person” learning back to our students.  We were one of the very first schools to commit to “in-person” learning.  All fall sports played.

3.      Our student outcomes remain exemplary, being competitive with any school in its class.  Our seniors are sought by higher education institutions throughout the country, as evidenced by our new scholarship and admission agreements, and graduate at the collegiate level in the highest percentiles. Our last two years alone brought STA graduates to over 100 colleges and universities, a remarkable benchmark demonstrative of the quality education and study skills provided by STA.

4.      Admissions has the highest number of new applications at this time in our known history.  We look forward to inviting a new class of competitive Saints onto campus next year.

It is a blessing to know that high school matters, and our belief that excellence honors God and inspires people does make a difference.   We are nearing the conclusion of an unprecedented semester. Through both our challenges and our achievements, the strength of our STA community has been extraordinary. 

We all recognize that health and safety are more important than ever, and I ask that you use good judgment – the best of good judgment - during this holiday season. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued strong guidance to limit our interactions and travel this holiday season so that we can all gather safely in the future. Details of the CDC’s recommendations can be found here.  Please note the current NH guidelines as they pertain to travel. We know many of our families reside in Maine and Massachusetts and I encourage you to be familiar with those guidelines as well.

Please be conscious of caring for one another by following the protections and guidelines. Adherence to the policies and protocols affords us the best chance of continuous classes on campus.

As we embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving, we thank God for bestowing on us His grace and consolation.  Let us always remember the sick, the unfortunate, and remember to look to each other and look out for one another today and always.

Have a joyous and happy Thanksgiving!


Dan S. Soller



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