Hallo! 你好! 여보세요! Hola!


“We embrace and celebrate all countries represented at Saint Thomas Aquinas by promoting inclusion and cultural awareness to create global citizens.”


In partnership with UTP and the World Languages Department, STA has been enjoying its second annual World Heritage Week!

Intentional as we are about all aspects of our students’ education, World Heritage Week presents an opportunity to acquaint our students with lessons in global geography, culture, lifestyles, food, language, music and much more.

This week includes:

·  Daily prayers in various languages

·  Daily trivia on Instagram #stalux #saintspride (one winner chosen each day!)

·  Delicious international menu choices in the Cafeteria, courtesy of Chartwells (thank you, Mr. Sean Gannon!)

·  A 2-day Amazing Race in Advisory

·  Cultural Quiz Bowl 

·  “Around the World” food stations after school

·  Artistic performers

·  Classroom visits in the World Languages classrooms


Traveling around the world doesn’t always require an airline jet. Spending time and focusing on the customs of our fellow earthly neighbors are important aspects to becoming well-rounded, broad-minded adults.  And that, of course, is a fundamental aspect to STA’s educational mission.