Game On!


For St. Thomas Aquinas students who love technology, STEM, computer coding, and video game design, there is a new sport on STA’s horizon!

Esports has advanced from a simple pastime played in teenagers’ basements to a rapidly growing sport that is connecting high school students with college scholarships, tournament money, and even high salary jobs.

St. Thomas Aquinas will be adding esports to its list of athletic options for both fall and spring 2021-22. Students will be invited to participate in a Rocket League, FIFA 21, and Madden NFL 21 esports tournament series which will include playoff brackets by regions.

“Esports is the recognition of video gaming as a source of competitive play within a structured group environment. Contrary to outdated stereotypes about video gamers being unhealthy, solitary, and slovenly young people, esports has largely become about bringing a healthy, social, and structured form of team play to the video games industry. Professional esports organizations like Gen.G are investing big money into upscale training facilities that allow for the necessary development of positive group dynamics in an environment complete with wellness professionals such as nutritionists, personal trainers, and physical therapists. By embracing esports, schools can capitalize upon its organic growth and draw students away from uninteractive, sedentary avenues of entertainment towards an activity that can instill common values and principles.” Chung, Jason. “High Schools Need to Get Over It and Embrace Esports.” Wired. (  (March 19, 2021)

Through esports, students will learn teamwork, stress and time management, communication skills, and will also grow more comfortable in their use of technology.

As more and more colleges and universities seek talented esports players as part of their recruitment efforts, St. Thomas Aquinas hopes to be able to situate its esports players as it does all of its athletes- in the best possible position for success in college and beyond.

Go Saints!

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