Footloose will be performed Thursday-Saturday evening, 7:30pm


A 1984 musical drama that embedded itself into the minds and hearts of nearly every teenager at the time was… Footloose.  Now the toe-tapping musical is returning full tilt to the stage at 197 Dover Point Road and it’s a production not to be missed!

In the story of Ren McCormack, Footloose presents the mission of a teenage boy to sway his community to allow a school dance. Following a small-town tragedy, the town reverend convinced the town to outlaw dancing. Ren, however, is mission-driven and in the process of convincing the reverend to change his mind, he helps heal the entire town.

St. Thomas Aquinas Saints have been working very hard over the past weeks and months to produce a musical that is sure to entertain an audience of all ages. A special Saints Pride shout-out goes to Eloisa Newcomb and Abby Burnet who have co-choreographed all of the dance numbers. 

Join us this Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30pm for a foot-stompin’, toe-tappin’ good time in the STA gymnasium. Kevin Bacon himself would be in awe.  $7.00 for adults/ $5.00 for students

Footloose Cast 

Ren McCormack: Gabe Casanave Cohen
Ethel McCormack: Elisa Verdi
Reverend Shaw Moore: Lucas Nering
Vi Moore: Katie Doucette
Ariel Moore: Abby Tosatti
Lulu Warnicker: Kristen Lebel
Wes Warnicker: Edward Smith
Coach Roger Dunbar: Nick Winter
Eleanor Dunbar: Katrina Moynihan
Rusty: Kira Chick
Urleen: Eloisa Newcomb
Wendy Jo: Maddie Glenn
Chuck Cranston: Taylor Foley
Lyle: Owen Himmer
Travis: John Vertitis
A Cop: Brendan Mahoney
Betty Blast: Morgan Gunning
Willard Hewitt: Sam Rogers
Principal Harry Clark: Keshav Joshi
Jeter: Duncan Quinn
Bickle: Sam Norbert
Garvin: Noel Ouellette
Cowboy Bob: Duncan Quinn
Irene: Addy Kennamer

Bomont Teens: Abby Burnett, Christina Cao, Morgan Gunning, Caitlyn Mahoney, Grace Moore, Kaylin Moriarty, Chani Parrott, Maddie Stailey, Libby Ware, Sherry Yalikun


Stage Manager: Zach Young