Finding Grace Amidst the Noise

Catholic priest celebrates Mass at high school.
Fr. Andrew Nelson celebrates Advent Mass at STA.


Advent is a time of waiting.  Our culture does not lend itself well to patience.  Overwhelmed schedules, cell phones, social media all contribute to a society that is very much focused on immediacy- and the need to respond quickly to all requests.  It can be difficult to intentionally break away from the hustle and bustle and restore one’s inner quiet with things that are free- simplicity, silence, solitude.

As part of our Advent journey at St. Thomas Aquinas, we celebrated Mass on Tuesday with Fr. Andrew Nelson.  Ours is a world where it can be tempting to judge a moment, a clip, a story out of context. While it may be easy to jump to conclusions or tempting to take news at face value, tempering a rush to conviction is not only wise, it is virtuous.

As we move our steps along the path of Advent, may we remember that grace is rooted in civility. And may we strive to be a people of peace.