Feast Day of Thomas Aquinas: State of the School

State of the School

As we move into the 2022-23 school year, St. Thomas Aquinas continues to build on its historic past of 60 plus years and remains positioned for prolonged success as we continuously work to stay ahead of the curve in ensuring the very best of student outcomes.  We are blessed and grateful to navigate through these challenging times with dedicated faculty, staff and exceptional students.  

Our vision remains to be the school of choice for families, producing outstanding student outcomes balanced on a rigorous study of faith and reason within a college preparatory environment.  We seek to a be a pillar of educational excellence in the Seacoast region and beyond.  We are fortunate, through the dedication of so many, that our educational reputation, outstanding music and drama programs, and exceptionally talented athletic teams have withstood the test of time and the trials of Covid. 

Today, we attract students from over 60 Seacoast communities and maintain our unique best-in-class position as New Hampshire’s School of Excellence.  Our rigorous curriculum, vibrant school spirit, and supportive alumni have all ensured that our STA Catholic mission to strengthen each student’s personal faith and integrity, continues to this day.  

Individually and collectively, St. Thomas Aquinas graduates have gone on to know success both personally and professionally. Our alumni have proudly spread a light in darkness in the greater community and the world.  

A few “shout outs” that we feel are impressive and demonstrate where STA is today… 

·      We continue to invest in technology to ensure our students are prepared for the technology-oriented world in which we live in, and continue to evaluate and expand our offerings in a rigorous curriculum designed to ensure our vitality and values of our mission

·      Our student clubs, organizations and activities remain vibrant and active, from our Campus Ministry, impressive Robotics program, to outstanding performances in the arts of music and drama

·      80% of our students participate in athletics in almost 25 teams, a point of pride that few schools can match

·      Recent graduates have matriculated to over 100 colleges and universities across the country, indicating the breadth of our students’ interests, their courage to explore new horizons, and the value of an STA education

·      At a time where many secondary schools and colleges are wavering, we are growing.  Our budget is fiscally sound, our endowments growing, and enrollment impressive.  We have a full and talented faculty and dedicated staff.  And, even in these uncertain times, we continue with our capital campaign that will help ensure the future of STA and improve the school even more through investment in our people, programs and physical space. We have further to go, more help is needed, but we are committed to the endeavor and the task

We are grateful to the Diocese of Manchester and our dedicated Board of Trustees for their endless and kind support of our mission and work.  And we thank all of you for believing in St. Thomas Aquinas High School. 

We believe that education is a sacred trust that is designed to make a difference in peoples’ lives, in our society, and in our world.