Farewell to our UTP Gem

Amelia and UTP's International Students share one final "fun" photo.


With her trademark polish and poise, Amelia Perri Nadilo, UTP Center Manager, bid farewell to the STA Community today in a very special way- via her own personal TOM Talk.

Newly married and prepared to author a new chapter in her life, Amelia is moving to Charleston with her husband, Blake and dog, Toro. But she did not leave without first gifting our Saints some valuable messages that they can tuck away for future use.

“Be true to yourself, don’t compare yourself to others- it doesn’t serve you. Make human connections. There is nothing more powerful than to look someone in the eye, connecting with them, having a conversation. And letting that build a bridge that can last a lifetime.”

The STA partnership with UTP has been nothing short of wonderful and we know it will continue with Arielle Mercier (current UTP Student Services Manager) assuming the Center Manager role. The entire St. Thomas Aquinas High School community has a richer vibrancy because of the presence of our international students and we look forward to continuing this very successful relationship between STA and UTP.

And so, while one door closes for Amelia, another one is opening. We know it will lead to a beautiful pathway, one of new beginnings and opportunities. She will approach these as she does everything- with her chin up, head in the game, and eyes focused ahead.  

Good luck, Mrs. Nadilo. We wish you nothing but happiness as you blaze a new trail for you and your family.

God Bless.