FAQs about STA

Three Catholic school girls in gymnasium

Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day and St. Thomas Aquinas was proud to welcome junior high students and their families into our home. Prospective families were greeted by Principal Collins, enjoyed classroom presentations (where they were able to hear from STA faculty, students and parents), toured the school facility, and visited the many varied academic departments.

In addition to showcasing STA’s facility and revealing what makes it such a distinct and unique high school, Open House affords families to hear answers to commonly held questions such as the following:


Q: “I don’t want to leave my friends and they’re all going to the local public high school.”

A: STA students maintain their previous friendships (cell phones and the internet can take credit for this) but they make extraordinary new friendships that turn into lifelong gifts.

Q: “Tuition is high and college is expensive. If we forego an STA education now, we will be able to save for college.”

A: Although STA tuition is set much lower than its private school counterparts, we are able to offer the highest quality education that lands our graduates into top colleges. Additionally, last year our graduating class earned $3,133,089 in merit and scholarship awards. When the letters start arriving in the mail, it feels like Christmas to our seniors- and their parents.

Additionally, our Financial Assistance Coordinator, Lisa Puffer, likes nothing better than to work with families to make an STA education affordable and accessible. There are many opportunities for financial assistance, for scholarships, for merit scholarships and even opportunities to host an international student, which many families find is enough to bridge the gap between a tight budget and affordability.

Q: “We live far away from STA. What are our transportation options?”

A: STA draws students from over 60 different towns and communities in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Our bus routes extend far into all three states. Carpooling and the public COAST bus offer additional options. Anyone with questions regarding transportation can reach out to STA Business Manager, Mr. Fergus Cullen at fcullen@stalux.org.  

Q:  “I’m not Catholic and I worry that I won’t fit in at St. Thomas Aquinas.”

A: STA meets every student along their own faith journey. We want to offer each child an opportunity to grow in faith and, ultimately, to discover his/her own unique God-given gifts. Ours is an inclusive, caring school where all students are cherished and supported.

Beginning the high school journey is exciting. St. Thomas Aquinas looks forward to continuing its role in the formation of tomorrow’s leaders by inviting them to join our family today.

Join us Monday, November 5, 6pm at our second Open House at 6pm or call the Admissions Office (603-742-3206) at any time to set up a meeting, continue the conversation of an STA education, or attend one of our upcoming Show & Tell events.