In the Eye of the Beholder

A female model.
STA Junior Erica Taylor was discovered at age 13.


We have all met someone in life that, at first glance, causes us to pause and think, “Wow. There’s something unique about that person.” At St. Thomas Aquinas High School, we find ourselves thinking this frequently as we are regularly awed by our students’ aspirations and achievements.  Recently, one young lady’s beauty - both inner and outer - is taking our breath away.

At the age of 13, Erica Taylor ’19 was approached by a modeling agency who saw a photograph of her. Asked if she would be interested in modeling for that agency, Erica agreed. The agency taught her poise, posture and “the proper walk” and, since then, her freelance modeling career has burgeoned. Erica has found herself working on the weekends sporting designers such as Josefa Da Silva, Angelica, Yona, Voge and more. “I love the fashion side of modeling,” Erica remarks. “It’s very creative. The make-up designers and stylists pair things in a very unique way.”

Whether on the runway or in a print/online advertisement, Erica’s distinct beauty stuns her viewers. The fact that she possesses a quiet, humble, demure personality, however, is the inner radiance that sets her apart. Erica is also a National Honor Society member, a musician and an aspiring physician who graces our hallways with her soft smile and gentle presence.

They often say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and, of course, this is true. It is also true, however, that whatever eye beholds Erica Taylor will be forever charmed by a rare loveliness and grace.