Down to a Fine Art


Education in the fine arts is an integral part of the development of every human being. The disciplines of music, dance, theatre and the visual arts are integral to our culture and, similar to math or science, cannot be learned through occasional or random exposure. We are very proud at St. Thomas Aquinas to offer courses and electives that will stimulate our students’ intellectual curiosity through a range of artistic options, including the digital arts, game programming, graphic design, and traditional mediums such as painting, modeling and pottery.

In preparation for Thursday evening’s Art Exhibit, STA art students reviewed some of their work today with their peers and visiting critics. Seeking and accepting criticism is difficult for anyone let alone a burgeoning adolescent artist.  But just as writers need editors and actors need directors, artists also need other voices to help them refine their work and defend its value as good, contemplative art. And, like authors and thespians, artists can sometimes be too close to their own work to notice opportunities for better work.

Today’s Saints exhibited a wide array of work- watercolor paintings, quill art, digital photography and other media- all of which will be on display on Thursday evening. Join us at 6:30pm and treat yourself to the gift of art before relaxing into our STA seating for an evening of beautiful music as performed by the St. Thomas Aquinas Choirs and Bands at 7pm.

Emotional expression, social harmony, aesthetic awareness and appreciation of diversity and interpretation are the very fibers that create the fabric of our American culture. We are blessed at STA to have a constantly changing but consistently creative group of young artists to remind us that the fine arts are a reflection of that which is truly divine.


Art Exhibit, Thursday, Dec. 19, 6:30pm

Christmas Concert, Thursday, Dec. 19, 7pm