Down to Earth

Our Saints are "grounded!"


Soil has been a defining component of cultures since the beginning of civilization. It provides the base for all buildings, holds the clues to past cultures, supports the web of life, and acts as a source of nutraceuticals as well as the base for human food, fiber, feed and biofuels.

Moving one level deeper, there are 10 major biomes and 12 major soil orders on earth. But did you know that they are closely linked?  Our “budding” AP Environmental Science students do!  While learning to understand their subject as an interdisciplinary science, APES students are building upon their educational foundation, sprouting new inquiries, and rooting themselves in the basic elements.

While studying variations of soil and learning about their classifications, our Saints also took a little time to get down to earth by sprinkling a little fun into their edible social profile and worming their way into Dr. Sue Pike’s good graces.  There is nothing quite as sweet as combining study, understanding and chocolate all while remaining "grounded" young adults.