Girl standing at school podium.
Adrienne Bevins '19 readies herself for her Junior Speech.


The Class of 2019 is spending its Monday and Tuesday engaging in American’s #1 fear: public speaking. This week is "Junior Speeches” Week, an annual culmination of students’ course preparation when they must organize their notes, their thoughts and their confidence- and then deliver a speech.

Having selected a topic of interest to them in social studies, students prepare a written speech in English class and then present said speech to their audience of peers and faculty evaluators. 

Although nerves and jitters are unwanted companions, the juniors have done a wonderful job tucking these two nuisances in their back pocket. They have presented on a wide range of issues (from the Vietnam War to Workers’ Rights to the spread of viral contagions) and have worked hard on highlighting historical facts with charismatic delivery. The strength of their presentations are weighed on audibility, poise, eye contact, inflection as well as various other speaking attributes.

Congratulations, Juniors, on tackling glossophobia head-on!