Defining Principles


As a scholar, teacher, writer and the greatest Christian theologian of the Middle Ages, Thomas Aquinas frequently engaged in intellectual jousting, always leading students in spirited public debate so as to sharpen their mental acuity and to strengthen their spiritual awareness.

Our own “theologians” here at STA strive to do the very same thing within their classrooms. Our four theology teachers foster a program that is rooted in the Gospel and Catholic traditions but yet is open to diverse faith traditions and welcoming to various insights and experiences.

Currently, freshman Saints are studying the concept of moral law and exploring human beings’ possession of free will, intellect, and capacity to love. Understanding that each person is made in the image and likeness of God while also acknowledging that free will can lead to brokenness makes for rich conversations in class.

To help elucidate the breadth and the depth of the human soul, theology teacher Mr. John Kim recently tasked students with creating a skit that demonstrates one of the many principles of moral law and Christ’s moral teachings. Self-righteousness, pride, hurtful behavior were all topics addressed in the skits. They served as launching points for further discussion as to how people can strive to live a moral life guided by God’s grace.

We are grateful at St. Thomas Aquinas High School to be able to hold open conversations with our students about topics of meaning and significance that will lead them toward a contented life imbued with kindness, compassion, and faith.