In Defense of Leadership

Life coach Jeff Levin addresses student athletes.
Jeff Levin works with STA student-athletes to strengthen the team from the inside out.


In a world where adolescents are experiencing a great cultural shift in communication, it is natural to assume that their generation is being challenged in new and not always obvious ways. Hiding behind cell phone screens and choosing to message their thoughts and ideas through cyberspace is unprecedented. And while the effects of this cellular age on our youth are unclear, one thing seems evident- young people will need increased support and guidance to successfully journey through this unchartered territory.

As a Catholic high school, St. Thomas Aquinas seeks to present each student with a sense of equanimity so that s/he will find that balance between truth and façade. Since the dawn of time, teenagers have struggled with self-doubt, peer pressure, a sense of belonging.  In order to properly nurture and nourish every young adult, St. Thomas Aquinas believes in treating each member of our community as part of the same family.  

In support of this approach, Athletic Director and STA football coach Ryan Brown called upon life coach and team-builder, Jeff Levin. Mr. Levin facilitates interactive programs for athletes and teams that share a common goal or experience. Through a series of different exercises, he helps groups build a strong sense of community, camaraderie all while developing strategies to combat stress. His technique involves challenging participants to channel their emotions in such a way that they work for them, not against them.  

Time spent with Mr. Levin proved very valuable to our Saints football team and the players emerged from their full day Saturday session with tools that will help them be strong, resilient, and supportive of one another- both on and off the field. And that, of course, is the end goal for any and every St. Thomas Aquinas High School mission.