A Cultural Exchange


Not all tours are created equally! Last week, St. Thomas Aquinas and the UTP Program welcomed eight Korean students to campus. Their visit was part of the Science Research Internship Program (SRIP), a STEM research partnership program between the University of New Hampshire and Gyeonggi Science High School for the Gifted (GSHS) in South Korea.  UNH Professor, Subhash Minocha, facilitates the program, the purpose of which is to set up a collaborative effort to offer research experience for selected GSHS students at UNH and guide them toward continuing their research at GSHS.

The students spent a week at UNH learning the process of scientific research, interacting with faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and getting a glimpse of what life is like at UNH and in the New England area.

As part of their experience and upon the suggestion of STA Parent, Lisa Buchalski (who works in UNH’s Department of Biological Science), the students came to St. Thomas Aquinas and were treated to an authentic slice of American high school.  They sat in on biology classes with Mr. Holtz, shared a meal with STA and UTP students, and even received a special visit from Bernie, STA’s mascot.

Their enthusiasm for STEM and their eagerness to participate in all things St. Thomas were endearing to all who met them. We wish them great success in their individual and journeys as they forge ahead along the path of engineering and biotechnology.