The Cookie Miracle


‘Twas the week before Christmas when all thro’ the school,

Many women were stirring, never losing their cool;

Boxes were open on the tables with care,

In which delicious cookies were placed with decorative flair.


The children were nestled all snug in their desks,

While visions of vacation danc’d in their heads…


Such lyrics could be said to anyone who snuck in to St. Thomas Aquinas’ Multi-Purpose Room yesterday morning and saw a group of Mother Elves working on a miracle- a Cookie Miracle that is. Assorting hundreds of cookies (all generously baked and contributed by our STA families), these ladies spent the wee hours of the school-day morning arranging cookies within boxes for each faculty and staff member. Yesterday afternoon, each employee carried home a sweet reminder of how much s/he is appreciated.


A very heartfelt thank you goes out to each baking elf and to all the lovely ladies who spent their morning sorting, arranging and sealing boxes with ribbon and love. We give a special jingle to Lead Efl, Erin Connor, for organizing this very “sweet” event.