Commencement 2019

The Class of 2019 graduated on June 9 at The Music Hall in Portsmouth


Commencement 2019

On Sunday, June 9, the St. Thomas Aquinas High School Class of 2019 moved their tassels from right to left and, in so doing, signified that their high school career had come to an end.

The Class of 2019 is a collection of incredible and gifted young adults. In the words of salutatorian Joshua Godfroy, “I see engineers, artists, doctors, lawyers, pilots, marines, comedians, musicians, and all around good people.” Their range of aptitude and talents is wide and varied. Our hallways have been graced by their presence for the past four years, acknowledging that some students transferred into STA later but contributed greatly to the overall dynamic and achievements of the class.

In the words of Principal Collins in his address to the graduates, “The Class of 2019… will most certainly have occasion to make other meaningful judgments. After all, we are confident that among this class are the movers and shakers of tomorrow- young men and women who will be the decision-makers and the innovators, the leaders of their society and the conscience of their generation.”

We are very proud to introduce to the world our 2019 St. Thomas Aquinas High School Graduates. As couriers of the STA legacy and tradition, we trust that they will move forth into the world as continual reminders of the mission upon which we are founded: to serve as lights in darkness and to lead others toward the Gospel and Christ’s love.


Dear Lord,

 As the Class of 2019 begins to part ways, we thank You for the four years we have spent together. Thank you for blessing us with special memories that will sustain us as move into life after high school. Friendships formed in high school are unique; they serve as connectors and bonds to a time that will always be exclusively ours to cherish as the Class of 2019.  

 Please bless our school with your grace. Bless our teachers who taught us everything- from geometry to genomes, verb tense to Van Gogh, federalism to faith.

 Most importantly, please help us, Lord, to continue to serve as a light in darkness to all we meet. Guide us in our future endeavors, fuel us with your everlasting grace, and remind us from time to time that we need only be still to hear Your voice of love and acceptance in our hearts.



Katie Paiva

Benediction - 2019