The Class of 2023 is in Good Hands

Trent LaRose : "I really enjoy St. Thomas Aquinas and hope to help make it a better place by becoming a Student Advisory Board member."


What makes a good Student Advisory Board (SAB) Member?  That was the million dollar question posed today before the Class of 2023 as they listened to their peers present why they seek election to St. Thomas Aquinas’ student board.

To Freshman Trent LaRose, “Three qualities of a good SAB Member are kindness, leadership and communication. Kindness is about getting the information from one person to another in a manner that is not rude… Leadership is important because, in a group of people, if no one takes on a leadership role then nothing will get done and there will be chaos. A third quality that is important is communication. To be a good team, people need to be able to easily get their thoughts and ideas across to others."

Sarah Long added, “I think one of the most important skills a leader can have is the ability to know when it’s time to listen.”

What was clear in the STA gymnasium today is that the Class of 2023 is in very good hands. All ten candidates presented well and, while there are only six spots available on the SAB, all ten should feel proud of their self-advocacy. We wish each of them the very best of luck!



The following students have been elected to serve as the Class of 2023 representatives this year:
  1. Katie Adams
  2. Russell Browning
  3. Katie Kuselias
  4. Sarah Long
  5. Luke Monteiro
  6. Calvin Sununu