Carrying the Torch

Mother and daughter stand next to a police cruiser
Chloe Langmaid and her mother, Holly, run the Special Olympics' Law Enforcement Torch Run every year.


“At first when I saw people with disabilities, I was intimidated. I didn’t understand what was wrong with them. ‘There’s nothing wrong with them,’ said my mom. ‘It’s just how they are.’ I wish every child had the opportunity to learn about differences the way that I did.”  And with this statement, it is clear why Chloe Langmaid is a Saint.

When she was seven years old, Chloe began participating in the Special Olympics’ Law Enforcement Torch Run with her mother, Holly, who works in law enforcement. Together, they run the Rochester to Dover route, which is a 3.3 mile distance. Chloe recently completed her 10th year running this event and never plans to miss it. “I will participate in this event every single year,” said Chloe. “I went to school with some of these kids who participate in the Special Olympics. I worked with them in the special education room. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

The Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) is a year-round fundraiser that spreads awareness of Special Olympics in the community. According to its online self-description, the Torch Run “transforms communities by inspiring people to open their minds, to accept and include people with intellectual disabilities, celebrating differences among all people recognizing and respecting the similarities we all share. For athletes and officers alike, the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics is a story of success, love, respect and commitment between law enforcement officers and Special Olympic athletes.” This story of love extends to volunteers as well, most especially Chloe. Her passion and affection for both the event and the individual athletes is palpable. 

“The cruiser parade at the University of New Hampshire is the ultimate culmination of the day. The kids think of the police officers as superheroes.

It is so near and dear to me. It doesn’t matter how sore I am at the end of the run, I will run it every year. I never feel as if I am losing out on anything. I would rather be at this event than anywhere else.”

Thank you, Chloe, for giving so completely of yourself to a wonderful event and a good cause. We know you receive as much as you contribute and your effervescent joy shines through your words and countenance as you speak. You are a Saint in all ways.