Bye, Bye Winter Blues

Post-it note on a school locker
STA lockers provide affirmation at every corner.


Winter is digging its heels in deep. Like every year, its ferocity raises its head in March as it senses spring quietly encroaching.  Chirping birds and patches of mud reveal winter’s weakening grip.  But as yesterday’s snowstorm demonstrated, the season of white fury is a strong one.

Perhaps that is why it was so nice to step back into St. Thomas Aquinas this morning and see that someone has tried to put a little spring in our steps.  As in year’s past, a mysterious "Locker Bandit" traveled through the school recently and left a splatter of notes on students’ lockers. Words of affirmation, kindness, and friendship boldly stood out and singlehandedly swept the winter blues back outside.

There are many, many reasons why STA is wonderfully distinct and special. The fact that even our hallways promote kindness is simply another one to add to the list.