The Art of Persuasion

Students sitting in rows.
The 2018 Junior Speech Finalists


With nerves and fear likely lurking in their back pockets, 11 STA Juniors rose to the occasion today to present their “Junior Speech” before one of the most challenging audiences- their peers. However, with trademark poise and polish, these St. Thomas Aquinas High School students demonstrated once again the constitution of Saints Pride. 

One by one, each junior revealed his/her mastery of public speaking.  If knees were knocking behind the podium, the audience will never know. What the crowd was treated to was a variety of well-written, convincing arguments presented with inflection, eye contact and tall posture. Common criticisms that often flank adolescents (a slouched stance, sloppy presentation, inaudible speech) were nowhere to be found in the STA gymnasium today. Instead, Saints Pride took center stage as our community witnessed the art of fine persuasion at its best.

Whether these students go on to one day use their public speaking skills in a courtroom, a board room, or a classroom, they will leave their mark on all who have the benefit of listening.

Congratulations, Saints!

2018 Junior Speech Top 10 Finalists
Morgan Gunning “The Tragedy of Bud Dwyer”
Maggie Marsh “Paul Revere’s Other Ride”
Noelle Honan “The Culper Spy Ring”
Lia D’Aquila “Japanese Internment Camps”
Meghan Dowling “Killed by Prejudice”
Ethan Guglielmo “Honesty in Government”
Kiernan Flanigan “Behind the Mask of Sanity”
Libby Ware “The Closure of Pease Airforce Base”
Izabella Gyurcsan “The Right to Choose”
Adrienne Bevins “Leave it to Science in Court”
Erica Taylor “The Fight for Rights”