Annual Blood Drive was a Life-Giving Success!

STA Students greet incoming donors with hospitality and a warm welcome.


On Friday, March 15, nearly 70 people (students and adults) entered the STA gymnasium and intentionally gave the greatest gift: the gift of life.

Coordinated by the St. Thomas Aquinas National Honor Society, the Annual Red Cross Blood Drive has occured for many years on our STA campus. "The drive is run by the NHS students," said faculty moderator, Mr. Ron Holtz. "They coordinate everything! I get to sit back and watch wonderful students do wonderful doesn't get better than that. 

Audrey MacMillan and Kelly Sullivan were the student coordinators this year.  We also had Joan MacMillan (Audrey's mom) volunteer to help."

While we still wait to learn of how many usable pints were collected that day, we know one thing for sure- we are filled once again with Saints Pride at our community who never thinks twice about being a light in darkness to those who need it most.