Alumni Spotlight: Callie Patteson

Callie Patteson '16 is making a name for herself at MSNBC.


In March, 2015, then junior Callie Patteson approached the STA Communications Department and inquired if she could launch a student-run school newspaper. "I'd like STA to have something that the students can read and that is written by fellow students.  I wish to pursue journalism in college and this is something that I am very eager to bring to St. Thomas."

St. Thomas Aquinas always encourages its students to initiate clubs or extracurricular activities and, with Callie's enthusiasm and natural leadership, the De Lux Newspaper was born! For two years, Callie served as the editor-in-chief, which allowed her an opportunity to hone her journalism skills but also her managerial and organizational skills as she assigned articles and kept her peer journalists on task and on time.

Callie graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas in 2016 and enrolled at King's College in New York City. She has been interning at 30 Rock (30 Rockefeller Plaza) and this September will join the MSNBC TODAY Team where she'll be able to write articles, obtain bylines, and grow her portfolio.

"Working at MSNBC has been such a learning experience and I am very happy to stay within the NBC family."

Best wishes, Callie, on your continued pursuit in the field of journalism. We look forward to following along as you realize your professional dream!