All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Students taking exams in a classroom.
Preparation meets its test.


It’s high school students’ favorite time of the year- Exam Week!  Ok, maybe that statement is a bit more fictional than truthful.  However, like it or not, the 2018 midterm assessments are underway at St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Noses have spent the better part of the past week buried in books and text message dialogues have been less about students’ “social welfare” than about exchanging last minute review tips. Despite the angst and apprehension that have associated themselves with exam preparation (since the beginning of time), there is a good energy spinning throughout STA.  The hallways at 197 DP Rd. are host to healthy chatter between tests and perfunctory adolescent quips (“What did you put for Number 3?” “I told you that would be on the test!”). 

Despite a wide generation gap between teens of today and their parents (or grandparents) before them, many things have not changed in the world of high school examinations. Nerves, fatigue, and jittery stomachs prey on the youth as they toss and turn to remember all the knowledge they have absorbed over a semester’s time. But while sleep deprivation, self-doubt and Secure Digital memory cards are the three main "SD" players circulating this week, our Saints are proving to be, as always, saints. They are positive in attitude, supportive of one another, and diligent in their preparation.

No matter which way you calculate, describe or slice it, these three elements make up the marrow of Saints Pride. 

Go get ‘em, Saints!