Aim High, Soar Higher

STA student prepares to fly a glider plane.
Lauren prepares to take off on her first solo flight.


One of the St. Thomas Aquinas High School mottos, “Aim High, Soar Higher,” represents how STA students are encouraged to set their personal bar high- and then use their STA education as a catapult by which to surpass their own expectations and initial goals. At St. Thomas Aquinas, faculty and staff fuel (and refuel) adolescents with the knowledge and understanding that hard work, self-discipline, and personal motivation will help them realize their greatest aspirations.

One Freshman Saint did just that recently when she took our STA motto to the next level, er, altitude. Lauren Pratt, Class of 2021, piloted her first solo glider flight on October 14. At 14, Lauren met the minimum age requirements to solo and she soared high over New Hampshire’s beautiful landscape in Franconia.

A student of the Franconia Soaring Association and the daughter of an American Airlines commercial airline pilot, Lauren has had some solid experience and instruction under her wings prior to launching her first solo flight. Regardless however, learning how to fly a glider takes time, patience and determination; all three qualities are readily recognizable in Lauren. 

“I’d like to be a pilot someday,” says Lauren. “I can acquire my glider pilot’s license at age 16 and keep moving forward from there.” Or perhaps, one could say, she’ll be moving upward.

Secured within the St. Thomas Aquinas High School mission lies the promise to help young adults identify their personal passions and gifts- and then support them as they launch in pursuit of those dreams. As Lauren continues to practice and pursue her aviation goals, may she always realize that the sky’s the limit when it comes to all that she can accomplish in life.