Advocacy 101


Learning how to be an effective leader includes knowing how to encourage people to follow the cause. Today, a group of St. Thomas Aquinas Saints demonstrated that they are well on their way to being strong leaders.

Each year, STA offers a Charity Dress Down Day for the students’ favorite non-profit organizations. In anticipation of Friday’s event, student advocates stood before their school community this morning and championed their favorite charity of choice in the hopes that the rest of the student body will join them in solidarity and support. Representing nine very different but all very worthy organizations, our students advocated with pride and passion.

During Friday’s Advisory period, students will vote on which three charities will receive a portion of the dress down proceeds.  While only three may come out on top, it was very clear from today’s presentations that each of these charities is a winner because they have an inspirational St. Thomas Aquinas student advocating on their behalf.

Saints Pride!


Charities to be considered and STA Advocate:

Amy’s Treat (Girls' Tennis Team)

Hidden Pond Farm Equine Rescue (Gabrielle Berthiaume)

Lift Ministries (Spencer Gregory)

I Support The Girls (Chloe Gross)

Corpus Christi Parish Mission Trip to Ecuador  (Aaron Broom)

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Becca Harmon)

Straight Street Outreach (Theresa Hartford)

American Cancer Society Relay for Life (Kieryn Hewitt)

Big Brothers Big Sisters (Kiernan Flanigan)