In keeping with his 4th floor colleague (Mr. Reno Burnett), Economics teacher Mr. Patrick Hureau challenged his students this week to create an advertisement that would use marketing techniques to sway prospective consumers (i.e., fellow classmates) to purchase... a box of tissues. While students were encouraged to use two common advertising techniques, they also learned the “5 Majors”: Repetition, Claims, Association, Bandwagon and Promotions.  Understanding the effectiveness of each of these advertising tools allows students to acknowledge the connection between identity awareness and customer response.

One of the easiest and most oft used marketing techniques in advertising is repetition. Repetition for emphasis is an old hat trick used by not only advertisers but public speakers who try and drive home a message in a very direct manner.  Making a claim about a product or service helps the advertiser tell potential customers what specific features are different than the competition. Associating a product or company with a famous person, catchy jingle or powerful emotion creates a strong psychological connection between the product/service and the customer. The bandwagon technique convinces the potential customer that others are using it and they, too, should join the crowd! And, lastly, promotions such as coupons, sweepstakes, prizes, etc. create excitement and encourages customers to build a relationship with the sponsoring product or service.

In learning these different advertising techniques, our Saints are becoming acquainted with not only the economic market but, equally as importantly, what elements move the economic market. They are being exposed to the integral tools of advertising and the benefits are far-reaching. Applying this knowledge to their overall comprehension of supply and demand distinguishes them as “game changers” in the world of economics. Meanwhile, they are also subtly developing an understanding of how producers and manufacturers use advertising techniques to manipulate consumer behavior.

At the end of each commercial, Mr. Hureau’s class voted on the best commercial and the “STA Clio Award” was presented to James Liu and Michael Richards ’19 for their outstanding commercial that included a celebrity cameo by science teacher, Mr. Paul Marquis.