2020 Vision is Bright and Focused

Noel Ouellette receives the Environmental Club Award from Dr. Sue Pike.


St. Thomas Aquinas is different than other high schools in many ways. Some of our differences are obvious such as the sign that reminds all enterers that “Christ is the reason for our school.” Other differences become noticeable only after some length of time is spent walking, living, traveling on the inside of our community.

Words issued at today’s Junior Awards Ceremony were reflective of the feeling one receives after spending time in and with St. Thomas Aquinas. Our school cherishes each student individually. We recognize the innate gifts and talents of each student. We know them not just by name but also by interests, personality, demeanor, and families. We understand that while each child may not blossom or peak in high school, each one is a valuable asset to our overall community and to the collective feeling we fondly refer to as “family.” This was articulated beautifully by STA School Counselor Robin Durawa at the beginning of the Awards Ceremony.

“Many of you have worked very hard to receive a plaque, a medal, a certificate, or a prestigious book to celebrate your accomplishments. But there are many of you sitting here today who have also achieved great success this year but who may not be recognized. Maybe you scored a winning goal for your team, you championed a cause that changed someone’s life, you helped a peer work through a difficult math problem, you advised your friend to seek help when s/he felt lost, you entertained your community on stage, you cheered your teammates when they thought they had nothing left to give on the field.

Each of you sitting before us today is talented and smart. You contribute to the Class of 2020 in ways that bring cohesion and balance. It is important for us to recognize your gifts and for you to know that we see each of you for the incredibly special person you are and for the unique abilities that you bring to our community and to the world.

So, today is a celebration of each of you for doing your part and for achieving your own success in your own way. You are all exceptional and we can’t wait to see how continue to bring your best to the Saints community during your final year in high school. Congratulations, Class of 2020!”



Class of 2020 Awards

Perfect Attendance Junior Year: Muriel Bennett, Jennifer Daraoui, Katie Gaffney, Diego Garcia, Anna Gasper, Caleigh Patterson

Perfect Attendance Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Years: Louisa Bauer, Maximus, Delisle, Nicholas Guerin, Austin Phan

Honor Roll (Every Quarter for Three Years): Morgan Atwell, Louisa Bauer, Nicholas Bryan, Ryan De Tolla, Katia Gaffney, Diego Garcia, Nicholas Genkinger, Chloe Gross, Nicholas Guerin, Owen Himmer, Garrett King, McKenzie LaFlamme Howe, Hunter Lassard, Gabrielle MacNeill, Kevin Moynihan, Caleigh Patterson, Cristina Perez, Joseph Perfilio, Austin Phan, Jared Pudlo, Yana Quel, Liam Reardon, Maxwell Reich, Kelly Sullivan

Dover Knights of Columbus Scholarship Award: Jake Ford

Book Awards (Book awards are presented to members of the junior class based on scholastic achievement, leadership and positive commitment to school and community.)

Assumption College: Matthew Barnes

Boston University: Henry De Tolla

Brandeis University: Raegan Holzhuter

College of the Holy Cross: Louisa Bauer

George Washington University: Yana Quel

Harvard Club of Boston: Michaela Thompson

Saint Michael’s College: McKenzie LaFlamme Howe, Aidan Faulstich

Smith College: Caleigh Patterson

Springfield College: Nicholas Guerin

St. Anselm College: Maya Rubio

St. Thomas University, New Brunswick: Olivia Fennessy

Stonehill College: Madyson Buchalski

Trinity College: Nicholas Genkinger

University of Notre Dame: Liam Reardon

Villanova University: Diego Garcia

WPI: Cristina Perez

Yale University: Katia Gaffney


Rensselaer Math & Science Award: Hunter Lassard

University of Rochester Awards: (Should any of these award recipients apply to the University of Rochester, their application fees will be waived.  They will also be automatically considered for scholarships that start at $10,000 per year.”

Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Brendan Tersolo

Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology: Austin Phan

Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award: Gabrielle MacNeil

George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Chloe Gross


Rochester Institute of Technology

Innovation & Creativity Award: Jake Ford

Computing Medal and Scholarship Award: Henri Chretien


Elmira College Key Award: Grace Moore

Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award: Nicholas Bryan and Isabelle Young


Le Grand Concours National French Exam: Michaela Thompson, Bronze

NH Chamber Music Festival Award: Michaela Thompson

Jack Leary Awards: (Students who have earned three Varsity Letters in a single academic year.) Morgan Atwell, Madyson Buchalski, Aidan Faulstich, Chase Gagnon, Nicholas Genkinger, Owen Himmer, William MacLean, Jackson Maness, Jacob McGuire, Ryan Pottier, Madeline Predaris


Junior Speech Competition Winners: Madyson Buchalski, Katia Gaffney, Chloe Gross, Raegan Holzhuter, McKenzie LaFlamme-Howe, Liam Reardon, Michaela Thompson, Connor Welts.

Junior Speech 3rd Place: Austin Phan

Junior Speech 2nd Place: Peter Schulz

Junior Speech 1st Place: Gabrielle MacNeil

Club Awards

Drama Club: Nicholas Winter

Tech Crew: Jacob Filteau

Chamber Choir: Chloe Gross

Jazz Choir: Noel Ouellette

Jazz Band: Liam Reardon

Music Ministry: Grace Moore

Environmental Club: Noel Ouellette

Junior Class: Chloe Gross

Math Team: Chun Sen (James) Liu

Robotics: Garrett King

Student Ambassadors: Kelly Sullivan

Yearbook: Madison Harris


Departmental Awards:

Theology: Maxwell Reich

English: Liam Reardon

Mathematics: Gabrielle MacNeil

Chemistry: Austin Phan

Environmental Science: Hunter Lassard

Physics: Brendan Tersolo

Social Studies: Maxwell Reich

French: Michaela Thompson

Spanish: Diego Garcia

Art: Olivia Fennessy

Band: Chase Gagnon

Chorus: Nicholas Turgeon