Community Service Program

We are called by Christ to be his hands and feet by showing love, compassion and mercy to those who are poor in spirit, mind, and body. Community service is at the heart of our Catholic mission at St. Thomas Aquinas. Students are guided and mentored through their service journey through their four years at STA. It is hoped that students will develop a genuine appreciation for and an understanding of the call to serve others leading to a lifelong commitment to service.

The service in which students are engaged should be rooted in and support the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching:

●       Life and Dignity of the Human Person – all life is sacred and the dignity of each person is the foundation of a moral society

●       Call to Community – we are social beings and being so must help take care of each other

●       Rights and Responsibilities – everyone’s rights and dignity are our responsibility

●       Preferential Option for the Poor and Vulnerable – prioritize the needs of those most vulnerable

●       Dignity of Workers and the Rights of Workers – protect the right to work, to earn fair and decent wages

●       Solidarity – despite the things that may divide us, we are one family

●        Care of God’s Creation – we are called to be good stewards of our planet and its resources


2022-23 Service Requirements



10 hrs



15 hrs



20 hrs



25 hrs


Students are to complete hours by May 1 (March 1 for seniors). They will receive a Pass/Fail grade on their 4th quarter report cards. While St. Thomas Aquinas High School may provide some service opportunities, students are encouraged to search for opportunities to serve those in need in their communities.

Students must log all hours through our online service portal. This will be introduced in our advisory program in early Fall. Students should see the Director of Ministry and Campus Life for assistance.