Luke Monteiro '23 is the official STA Podcaster


Suggested and initiated by Luke Monteiro '23, St. Thomas Aquinas High School's podcast "Sound in Silence" has launched!

On October 29, 2020, Luke hosted his very first guest, Admission Director Dr. Danny Richer. Together, they explore Dr. Richer's passion for music, most especially for Bruce Springsteen.

Click below for a very entertaining audible journey of faith... down "Thunder Road." Saints Pride!

October, 2020

Podcast with STA Admission Director, Dr. Danny Richer


March, 2021

Podcast with STA Administrative Services Coordinator, Cafeteria Supervisor, and Vice President of the Seacoast Browns Backers Association (Cleveland Browns Fan Club), Mr. Richard Greenslade Speaking on Mike Bloomberg


Podcast with senior Gabrielle Berthiaume as she shares her excitement about serving with NET ministries next year.

Gabby Berthiaume .jpg