The Mission of St. Thomas Aquinas High School

St. Thomas Aquinas High School is a caring community, transforming the lives of students through a rigorous Catholic education, guided by the light of the Gospel – developing their unique gifts, strengthening their personal faith and integrity, and fostering within them a commitment to justice, service, and moral leadership.

Living our Mission

Welcome to St. Thomas Aquinas High School.  And welcome to our website.

For over fifty years, St. Thomas has served numerous families of many faiths, all of whom have had the same desire: to be part of something larger and more meaningful than simply a four-year education.  Here at STA we offer that experience.

Our academics are superb, our extracurricular programs are exceptional, and our faculty and staff truly professional...but it is the total St. Thomas Aquinas experience that sets us apart.  Here we strive to guide our young men and women toward goals that are noble, faith-based, and aimed at serving their fellow human beings.  

When one becomes a member of our community, each person is celebrated as unique, talented, and above all, capable of changing the world.  Experience it for yourself.

Walk into any classroom at St. Thomas Aquinas -- whether the students and teachers are discussing Chaucer in Honors British Literature, giving a multimedia presentation in a freshman Morality class, or measuring the charge of an electron in an AP Physics lab, the academic rigor our students experience prepares them for scholarly life beyond our walls. 

Walk onto the athletic fields at STA, or step on the stage.  There you will experience the same rigor and achievement.  But underlying each discipline remains a desire to serve.  Knowledge with a goal; skills with a purpose.  Students at St. Thomas Aquinas care for each other, and in turn reach out to bring their abilities to serve a greater good.

Here at St. Thomas Aquinas High School, they learn to embody a mission well-lived.

Kevin J. Collins

Mr. Kevin Collins
(603) 742-3206 x3270

Mr. Collins joined the STA faculty in 1993, and has served as Principal since 2009.