Saints Taking Action 

One of the key aspects of the St. Thomas Aquinas High School mission is to instill in our students a heart for service. Our students are encouraged to be active members of their local communities and to make a difference by sharing their talents.  In 2011, the first Saints Taking Action "Day of Service" was born, transforming the lives and hearts of many.

This year, St. Thomas Aquinas High School is advancing the goal of Saints Taking Action by making it a year-long mission. Hurricane Harvey presented our school community with a rare and very special opportunity to partner in Catholic service. 

St. Pius X High School is a Catholic school founded by the Dominican Sisters of Houston in 1956. Inspired by Veritas, the school's mission is to guide young men and women to embrace academic excellence and integrity, celebrate the community's diverse gifts and heritage, and embody social justice and service.

As a result of Harvey's mass destruction, St. Pius X High School found that members of its school community suffered great loss and devastation. Principal Collins reached out to SPX's Head of School, Carmen Garritt Armistead, and asked how the St. Thomas Aquinas community could assist.  Together, the schools are forming a cross-national partnership of faith, service and mission.

Together with Principal Collins and the administration, St. Thomas Aquinas Students have set a series of goals by which to raise $10,000 for St. Pius X's school community. As of mid-September,  we’ve raised just over $2000! Over the next few months, STA will initiating several other activities: a 5K Fun Run, a pot luck supper/movie night, an STA-to-SPX t-shirt day, a service trip to Houston, and several other events.  

St. Thomas Aquinas' commitment to Catholic social mission is strong.  In partnering with St. Pius X, we form into a greater relationship with Christ as we serve as His hands and feet where we are called. With God, we experience the conversion of heart that is necessary to truly love one another as God has loved us.  And so, we are humbled and blessed to embellish Saints Taking Action from one day of service... into a year of love.